Founder, Elsie London Melanin Beauty

Elsie London melanin beauty is a brand owned by a Kenyan for Kenyans. It has its roots in the United Kingdom where Esther who is the founder worked part time in a leading beauty store in London.


Working behind a beauty store requires a lot of patience, understanding and skills. I realised most of my clients who were women of colour struggled to get products that suits their skin! I learnt a lot by asking my clients about their skin and what lipstick shade they were looking for, i was very satisfied if I would manage to meet my clients needs and realized how satisfying it was just help someone match products with their needs.

melanin colour


I became very curious to understand what formulas were available in the market and how I could bring together different formulas to make perfect products for the contacts I had made from working at the beauty store, I approached one of the leading manufacturers of beauty products in UK and I was able to come up with different formulas for lipstick and foundation which I gave to my clients to sample.


The first formula wasn’t matte so 40% didn’t approve it, went back to the manufacturer for a second formulae which was 99% positive that’s when I started selling to my clients in London-wanted a wider market so I decided to major my business in Kenya. Our brand was launched in Nov 2020-our start up products being Liquid matte foundation, liquid matte lipstick, lipgloss and blushers.

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